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What Thai Bussiness Accounting and Tex Co.,Ltd. (TBAT) services to business
As various tax and many regulations have been involved in running the business
The Accounting Acts, B.E. 2543, which specifies the qualification of the accountant

many new tax regulations and others. TBAT realizes the important of these regulations
and set up the qualifiesd team in many areas to service you in the following functions.


 Accounting and Taxation Service
-Accounting and tax submission service
-Accounting and tax advice
-Cost analysis and planning

-Accounting and internal control planning

-Financial statrments analysis
-Internal auditing

-Certify privilege under condition of BOI

-Special audit
-Value added tax review
-Withholding tax review

-Half year and year ended corporate tax review

-Corporate income tax advice
-Personal income tax advice



Registration Service

-Company's registration

-Value added tax's registration
-Transformation's registration

-Social security fund's registration
-Liquidation's registration
-Trade mark and patent's registration
-Work permit and visa renew service


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